Partial Countdown 5 Domestic and Foreign Discography:
Uncle Kirby
Shaka Shaka Na Na
Money Man
Countdown 5: 
The Full Story
"The Boys From Houston"
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After 50 years the Countdown 5 have their first 

international album release, August 17, 2018!

Read the press release here.

The very beginning. D & The Dominos

Tommy Williams, Mack, Steve Long, Tommy Murphy, John Balzer

Bamboo Hut Brochure

Performing at the Grass Menagerie on a Sunday afternoon. We opened several concerts at the Menagerie for acts such as Etta James, JohFred & the Playboys (Judy in Disguise), the Boxtops (The Letter),Archie Bell & the Drells, and others.


Tony The Tiger Records - San Diego, CA - European Compilation

""Uncle Kirby" & "Shaka Shaka Na Na"

were included these foreign and domestic compilation cd's.

In concert.

"Stop The Machine" European Compilation CD - San Diego

Released in U.S., Germany, Italy, Austria, Greece, & Sweden

The Italian - St. Martin Records. Also released in U.S., Germany, Austria, Greece, & Sweden

Polar Records - Sweden. #10 in Sweden 1969